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Policy updated August 2013


  • is regularly picked up by United Methodist Reporter, UMNS, and syndicated on UM-Insight. It is also linked to infrequently by RMN Flashnet and MFSA E-News.
  • has a Google PageRank of 4. According to Google AdSense, has a 30-day average of 522 ad-viewers per day (90-day average of 488)
  • Each blog post is publicized to 3000 Twitter followers, 2500 Facebook followers, and 170 LinkedIn contacts, maximizing impact of your marketing.
  • is an active blog which has produced 40 posts in the past 90 days, accumulating 334 comments on those posts (average of 8 comments per post)

Ad Units Available

  • Standard Sidebar: The first Box after the Search Engine (wide placement #1, #2) and the first box after the Social Media boxes (tall placement #3, #4). These are the first ads that a desktop viewer would see.
  • After-Post ad: The horizontal Box after the Author byline (placement #5). This is actually the first ad that a mobile viewer would see.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this post to see where these ad units lie on a typical page.


  • The industry-standard rate for advertising is 10% of the average ad-viewers per day, as determined by Google AdSense. With an August 2013 30-day average of 522, the advertising cost is rounded down to $50 per month.
  • The industry-standard size of an advertising box is a 125×125 pixel square. Our strategy is to offer double the standard size with tall (125×250) or wide formats (250×125) for the $50 rate.
  • A full 250×250 square or the 650×100 After Post Ad Unit is $100 per month.
  • The advertising contract is renegotiable every six months, with the price going up or down based on visitors (as determined by Google’s AdSense).
  • All prices negotiable.


  • Contact Rev. Jeremy Smith (blog owner) to discuss further options. Click here.

See below image for Ad Unit placement