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The United Methodist Church is a connectional church, meaning all the churches relate to and are accountable to one another. Here’s our writings on this subject.

Why Connectionalism Matters

There are essentially two types of church denominational systems: connectionalism and congregationalism. In connectional systems (United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Catholic, etc): pastors are assigned to churches churches are accountable to meta-church agencies and boards church buildings and property are owned by the meta-church (the denomination) and held in trust by the local congregation. In congregational […]

A Dystopian Future for the #UMC 04 – Caste Churches


This series looks at four techniques of the most successful United Methodist churches in America. While the techniques could benefit any church, they have serious dark sides. A dystopian future could await United Methodism if these techniques become widespread.  01: Vulture Churches | 02: Franchise Churches | 03: Production Churches | 04: Caste Churches Introduction In the United Methodist Church, there are churches and then there are vital churches, meaning […]