What would you ask Alan Hirsch, Lillian Daniel, or Philip Clayton?



This coming week I’ve been invited to attend the Transforming Ministry Conference in Seattle. It’s a Western Jurisdiction thing and participants are selected by the area district superintendents. I’m excited to be part of it and hang out for a few days with some awesome young clergy who I know will be there.

The thing is…I’m really not familiar with the presenters Alan Hirsch or Lillian Daniel at all. I know a little about Philip Clayton from his Process Theology work, but not enough to be conversant.

So, those of you who are more familiar, what ministry-related questions would you want to ask any of these three presenters? What aspects of their expertise would you like to see focused on United Methodist ministries? Remember this is a practical theology focus, so weird questions of Process cosmologies probably won’t be as relevant.

Crowdsourcing for questions from those familiar with their work! Thanks in advance!

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