DreamUMC Synchblog – May 13th

DreamUMC, the bi-weekly internet chat between Methodists across the globe is turning one year old…and to celebrate, we are having a synchblog on a topic before our evening chat.




This blog will be participating in responding to the question “Is Schism the best future for the UMC? Why / Why not?”

From my previous blog posts, you can guess my response. But come check it out on Monday. See you then.

If you want to join in the synchblog, here’s the details at the DreamUMC website.

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  1. Chris says

    Is there a good place to catch up on the DreamUMC conversation that’s been going on for the last year? I attended some of these early in the process after General Conference, but then my work schedule changed, and I couldn’t keep up with it.


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