The great user error of 2012

The Mayans were right...

So Hacking Christianity has been down for 10 days. Suspiciously just as I was meeting Bishops and District Superintendents who told me they read my blog, the blog RSS feed went down, and then in trying to rectify it from away from my home computer, I managed to delete the entire directory that houses all our content. (for WordPress geeks, I neglected to discern Coda 2’s difference between “replace directory” and “merge directory” when I was upgrading WordPress via Coda 2’s FTP program…and it wiped the entire wp-content folder, including theme files and images not saved on AWS)

Rest assured, links and posts and comments are all restoredĀ in full so only one post was lost (one on “God wants all of me” musings on money…I’ll see if I can recreate it).

Anyway, we are back as of today. Homepage is not as pretty as it used to be, but it will be in coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and hanging in there. And let me know if there are annoyances with the new site (especially the mobile version) that I can address.

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  1. Sam Puck says

    Congratulations on getting your “website” back up. Might I suggest that you have too many blogposts. Please eliminate three.

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