Post-Quadrennium Blues

A New Day for the United Methodist Church

General Conference is over.
Jurisdictional Conferences are over.
The caucus groups have spent their money.
The pastors have completed their “40 days of prayer” programs.
The end-of-campaign advocacy reports are done.
Conference leadership has been chosen.
The Bishops have been elected.
The bloggers have moved on.
We have the post-Quadrennium blues.

The young adults have turned their attention back to nurturing areas of their lives.
The young clergy are either reaping benefits from their outspokenness or suffering the consequences.
The caucus groups are doing post-action reports, seeing what they can do better next time.
The religion news media has the post GC12/GA77/Presby meeting lack of interesting content.
White males feel threatened by ethnicity sensitivities and a more diverse church than before.
The Northwest Texas/New Mexico conference now knows its rank in the SCJ.
Bishop Bledsoe is considering his appeal.
We have the post-Quadrennium blues.

The Judicial Council docket is full.
The Connectional Table is licking its wounds.
Church and Society is lamenting not submitting legislation to make its board less expensive.
COSROW and Religion&Race are discerning what to do in a denomination that wants to marginalize them.
The GBOD has sleepless nights knowing it has 4 years to focus on vital churches or its leadership will be axed.
And the central conference delegates have gone home, not to be bothered by American politics for 3 more years.
We have the post-Quadrennium blues.

Yes, the Bishops don’t start until September 1.
Yes, the new Book of Discipline doesn’t take effect until January 1.
But still, we have the post-Quadrennium blues.

But suddenly…

…blogs come alive with new and interesting topics, lost in the cacophony of before.
…churches focus back on their buildings and communities, assured in their mission.
…jurisdictions step up with powerful prophetic calls for a church united in mission but not uniform in expression.
grassroots conversations like the DreamUMC movement stabilize and organize for a long-term movement.
…exciting programs/retreats/mission trips are being planned.

We remember…

Church is not just politics.
Church is not just arguments.
Church is not just up-or-down yes-or-no votes.
The church is more.
Our faith is more.
Our hopes and dreams are more.

And so we seek them out, sometimes even without a committee.
And so we live them out, sometimes even without anyone noticing.
And so we begin again, a new Quadrennium, full of hope and promise.

Let us turn our thoughts to the present and the future,
mindful of the past,
but knowing that today
begins a new day
…in the United Methodist Church.
…in you.

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