Plan UMC Fails, Pass the Agency Petitions!

General Conference Update!

We still have an opportunity for reform. Each of the General agencies put out restructuring plans. That can be found in the ACDA section under General Agencies. Each one of the General Agencies submitted their own restructuring plan (except GBCS) that tightened their focus and cut down on their board members. These have been studied, translated, and have received the full light of day. It does put the GCCUIC under the council of bishops. Let’s still do something.

The petition numbers are: 20042-50, 20056, 20072, 20073, 20103, 20112, 20114, 20115, 20120, 20123, 20243-20245, 20257-20265, 20319, 20323, 20325, 20326, 20342, 20345, 20346, 20376-20378, 20380-20383, 20391-20393, 21085.Please pass this on to all the delegates you know. We have till 7:30 to get the word out.

Here’s the Petitions: General Administration

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