Progressive Christian, Spring/Summer 2011

Shameless Plug

One of our blog posts at Hacking Christianity has made it into journalistic semi-big-time: published in a respectable religion magazine. Our blog post on TOMs shoes and evaluating charitable giving “Glam/Missional” has been adapted and made into an article in the Spring/Summer 2011 edition of The Progressive Christian (link).

The Progressive Christian is formerly Zion’s Herald, a progressive publication dating back to 1868, and has a history of writing about moral and social topics. Like most magazines these days, their reach and staff have shrunk in recent years but I’m glad they are still around and kicking. I’m honored that our article reflecting on the effects and intents behind giving to a charity fit into their mission and they saw it fit to print as well!

The Progressive Christian online also reprinted one of this blog’s most linked articles “Here, there Be Dragons for Young Clergy” a month or so ago (link).

Feel free to purchase the issue here in digital and dead tree versions. It’s got articles by friends of the blog Chad Holtz, Ben GosdenDan Dick and more. An all-star issue!

Cool huh?

[/shameless plug]

NOTE: I just noticed that the article lost the quote marks on two LONG quotes by Julie Clawson and Zac Mason on the left column of page 14…the quote marks were lost in the conversion so it looks like I plagiarized their quotes as my own words. As you see on the original post, that is not the case. Just FYI.

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    Jeremy, thanks for helping out our “Shameless Commerce” work (nod to Click ‘n Clack, the Tap-It Brothers), I apologize for the missing quotes and appreciate your pointing them out. We’re proud that you think of us as the journalistic big-time and equally proud and delighted to have you as one of our contributors. Keep up the great work on your blog!
    Cynthia Astle, TPC Editor

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