Three Year Blogiversary!

Wow…three years? Yup. First public post was in April 2008, a few weeks before General Conference 2008. Wild.

Here’s a stroll down memory lane for longtime readers and a few new reading pieces for newcomers.

Favorite posts from the first year:

Favorite posts from the second year:

Favorite posts from the third year (excluding the Pastor’s 24 and Call To Action craziness):

What you can look forward to in the fourth year as I try to better balance inward facing posts (church critiques), outward-facing posts (gospel to geeks), and spiritual reflections (sermons and devotionals):

  • A long-running series on Gamification, or the influence of game mechanics on the church and how it might embrace/reject it. I’ve seriously got about 12 different blog posts being tinkered with, so this will be a persistent conversation.
  • More posts on the Geek Gospel, or talking about parallels to Science Fiction and Gaming for the nerds that read this blog.
  • A potentially interesting series as I have conversations with a preaching partner that may be surprising to readers.
  • More support and guidance to young clergy. You wouldn’t believe the conversations I’ve had where I get asked “how did a person like you get ordained and keep your integrity?” I think this is a role I need to be more vocal about.

We’ll look forward to Year Four as being a great year for spiritual conversation, Star Wars humor, reflections on nerdy areas, and ever-present hacking of Christian systems to give the Spirit more room to breathe new life into our Church.

Thanks for being on this journey…and have a cupcake.

(Photo Credit: LA Weekly)

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