Our world will be shattered again

Daily Show on Hope

I make no secret that I admire Jon Stewart, even as I recognize that he’s a showman and has a particular political bent that I sometimes don’t appreciate. But when he’s on message and has a passion for something, it’s intoxicating and occasionally sermon-worthy.

The following is the most not funny Daily Show clip I’ve seen since his first post-9/11 monologue.  Which makes it pretty good as it doesn’t do the Daily Show typical flashy clips and point fingers over the Arizona assassination tragedy, but is a mostly-unscripted monologue by Stewart sitting in his chair.

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While I’d encourage you to watch the whole video, the unscripted monologue starts at 2:30 talking about how to make sense about senseless situations. Stewart ends with this:

Stewart (8:24): Wouldn’t it be a shame if we didn’t take this moment to make sure that the world that we are creating now, that will ultimately be shattered again by a moment of lunacy, wouldn’t it be a shame if that world wasn’t better than the one we previously lost.

Yes, our worlds do get shattered over and over again. But each time, we have a choice. We can leave the pieces on the floor and walk away from our ideals. Or we can put it back together, make it even better than before, and know that it will hurt even more when it is shattered again.

Perhaps that is the path of true discipleship: knowing that helping others and loving our neighbor will make the pain be worse down the road, but we walk it anyway…straight to the cross.


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    speaking of discipleship and loving neighbors/helping other at the end of your blog – if we aren’t covered in the hurts and sins of others, than we haven’t been doing much ministry too much lately. Your line about that sparked that thought in me.


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