The Third Conversation

I had a follow-up thought on the Mario Bros Discipleship post on meeting people where they are in biblical difficulty.

The evidence for the bible having adaptive multi-faceted learning is evidenced by when an entire church is lectionary-based in its curriculum or studies the same scripture on Sundays.  When the children, the youth, the adults, and the worship service all reflect on the same scripture, you get tons of conversations about it.

But then it leads to what I call “the third conversation” when a family drives home. They’ve talked about the scripture in the Sunday School, they’ve heard it reflected in church, and then when they drive home they get the third conversation of “how did your class handle it” and all ages are able to participate and consider new things. I wonder what new information and education comes from that third conversation…

Thoughts? Have you done total-church Christian education based on the same scripture?

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  1. Pumice says

    I first came across the liturgical way of having a central authority decide what the scripture would be for a given Sunday while serving as a chaplain's assistant in the Army. I think it has some real value. Originally it was part of the church making sure that the entire Bible was covered. Good. Later is became a way of political control. Bad. One value it has today is that it keeps (or tries to keep) the pastor from always harping on his pet themes. It might not hurt for some of the non-liturgical churches to get on this band wagon.

    Grace and Peace.

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