March Connection Drive

Wow, almost a year since I last shamelessly plugged for subscriptions.  

HX has gotten a lot of traffic in the past few days…6,000 visits (new and repeat) since March 8th. So where are people coming from? From Google Analytics, 90% of the traffic is from the USA with other primarily English-speaking countries taking the bulk of the rest: UK, Canada, Australia. This makes sense given the language barrier.  India has double the amount of visitors of any other non-English country.

But focusing on the USA, I finally found the map feature and thought this was really interesting. This is the number of visits since March 8th (when the Glenn Beck Justice story was first posted)

There’s a TON of people coming from Texas!  I don’t even live there!  Texas, Tennessee, California, New York, and Oklahoma are the top-five states, with Texas doubling the #2.  Wow!
So yes, this is a small-time blog, but I’m quite pleased with the level of conversation and diversity of opinions expressed here. Thanks to all our regular readers for our continuing conversation!

But we’re not done and will slink off into the night…there’s tons of free ways to interact with and get to know the HX Community.  Here’s some ways to connect:

Thanks for visiting and your continued readership!
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  1. chris says

    Can you make that chart per-capita? No surprise that Texas would give you a lot of hits. We have a lot of people.

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