Turning Hate into Love [action.hack]

We at Hacking Christianity looooove subversive actions, don’t we?  So here’s a fun one for local churches or groups that deal in contentious areas.

For every minute/day or whatever increment that the “other side” is actively participating, speaking, protesting, etc…get people to donate money to your cause per increment.

Here’s two examples.  While these two are specifically about marriage equality, they can easily be translated into whatever issue or stance you want to take.

This is powerful activism because it rallies people, involves people who can donate 50 cents per increment, and is dependent on how long the “other side” is there.  In the first example, they updated a donations sign every few minutes so the Phelps clan could see their effect.

Regardless of your opinion on these issues, the fun and subversiveness of this kind of protest can be translated to any side of any issue…but I challenge you to turn hate into love.  This is a clever way to do that, so while it’s not specifically about a Christian system, it’s clever enough that lets call it an action.hack!

Thoughts?  Discuss.

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  1. Steven Manskar says

    Fred Phelps and his group are certainly purveyors of hate. But do you seriously mean to equate Rev. Rick Warren as a “hater”?

  2. Rev. Jeremy Smith says

    To the organization, yes, they consider Rick Warren to be anathema to their cause. Like I said in the blog post, I’m not endorsing an opinion, just pulling out the tools they used.

    For the record, no, I don’t consider Rick Warren to be a ‘hater.’

  3. Rev. Jeremy Smith says

    :::sigh::: indeed. I hope you felt safe and were able to find a way to counterbalance their toxic presence.

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