Methodists Hacking the Liturgy

Someone at the GBOD must be reading Hacking Christianity…or at least sipping from the same water fountain.  Looks like a team of UMs are putting together an Open Source Liturgy project…and I’m psyched!  They based the model off of LINUX!!

Open Source Liturgy Project

We’re now in the process of inviting developers to a writers conference to be held in Nashville, November 13-15. At the conference, we’ll start to build community among the developers, representing the diversity of our church and including at least two other denominations (UCC and Presbyterian Church in Canada), provide deeper grounding in the concepts of open source development, introduce the technical platform that enables this work to be done online (a series of “nested wikis” we’ve built), and practice together writing new ritual texts around the cores.

Wow.  Gonna keep close close tabs on this one, and pray that personalities don’t overcome mass participation…

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