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A mission.hack is defined here. We look at mission statements or at mission initiatives and examine different ways of expressing them. Hacking them…if you will.

Wordle is a fascinating generator that allows you to paste chunks of text, and it will make a word-cloud out of it, giving words that are repeated more often bigger letters (like the tag cloud to the right).  I think it will become a regular part of our repertoire when evaluating mission.hacks, to expose what terms show up the most.  If nothing else, it will be fun to use.

To try it out, I inserted the United Methodist Social Principles (the preamble and main paragraphs [160-166]) into the generator, and clicked random grouping, grabbed a mountain dew, and almost spewed it when I saw what came out!

I hesitate to claim any lesson to be found in random groupings of words.  But I was struck by the way how it randomly placed the two most repeated words (God and persons) together:

While you can read the biblical, theological, and historical basis of the Creed, I think here is the basis of the social principles:

  • We are called to be Godpersons who bring Life to the World.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, eh?

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  1. Rev. Jeremy Smith says

    None, random picking. I’ve seen word clouds that do give significance to them, but this doesn’t appear to be one.

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