Prayers for Tennessee Valley UUA in Knoxville

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One of the great things about the Internet is that prayers can go straight to the recipients almost as fast as they go to God.

To that end, there’s a blog set up where you can where you can express your condolences to the Unitarian Universalist congregation that suffered the shooting on Sunday.

Supporting Our Friends in Knoxville

If you don’t know anything about the tragedy, I would suggest Philocrites.  Scroll down to Sunday, then start reading up. 

Details are starting to trickle in.  While I have plenty to say about this extreme case of an echo-chamber in which the man was living (judging by his reading list)…that can happen later.

If you feel moved, I’m sure this UUA would appreciate your kind words or a lit candle in solidarity with them during this difficult time.

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  1. blake says

    what a horrible tragedy. my thoughts and prayers, as well as my solidarity, go out to that community.

    thanks for the link to philocrites . i didn’t know about that one. added to google reader!

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